The CuyAnime In Indonesian!

Are you an Indonesian weeb that absolutely loves anime and manga? Do you want to read comics for the rest of your life but in your own language? Look no further my friend as you are about to be blessed. Why? because “The Cuy” is the perfect website for you.

Major Issue For Anime-Loving Community

The biggest problem that diverse cultured people face is that most of the comics are majorly in English, Korean, and Japanese. These comics primarily are further translated into mostly English, owning to the fact that it is an international language. Besides most readers prefer to read in English.

The Indonesian community is not at fault for having Indonesian as their primary language. Is it? Moreover, it’s not also the fault of tho those who desire to read and watch in this language. I agree, we all have our liking.

The Solution?

While keeping all of this issue in mind, the streaming website ” The Cuy” is just the website you need. It will allow you to watch and read in Indonesian. Isn’t it great?

It is a manga, comic, and anime web which provides Indonesian subtitles. So, basically, it is an all-in-one website. What more could one want?

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Why Choose The Cuy?

Like I said before, you are in luck. This website is all you need.

The website is up to date on all the popular anime. For example Boruto, Jujutsu, Keison, and much more.

When you are watching anime, what do you want? High speed! The Cuy doesn’t take a lot of time to load a video unlike most of the anime and manga websites.

Indonesian Subtitles

Even if there are sites providing other translations, they seem to lack proper meaning. But you don’t have to worry about that.

The subtitles are also very engaging and provide a proper meaning which is easy to understand. The format of the subtitles is also user-friendly. In addition, the display quality of the video is crystal-clear. As the problem of most anime watchers is that when the anime has subtitles, the quality isn’t watchable for them.

Here, you can sit back and relax because you will get high-quality videos with just the right subtitles.

Finding Your Anime

The most thing which is simple but very understandable bearing in mind is that a large range of anime websites do not have the search bar in the center of the web. This simple yet important feature is only available in this. Only the anime watchers know the struggle of finding and writing in the search bar. Frustrating, isn’t it?

While you are reading manga on the page you can also set the page style whether you want to read the manga page by page or the whole chapter at once. The quality of the manga is great and doesn’t overlap the pages. Finally! Something that enhances the reading experience.

Want to watch anime? Click here “Anime”

Do you want to download anime or manga? here it is!


The central purpose of the website is to provide you a user-friendly environment while giving you great quality free content. As most anime websites are not free and watching anime on cable is quite inconvenient. I know I won’t spend that much.

This Indonesian website will satisfy all your weeb requirements. You can also visit the Facebook site of this website to interact with the creator and keep yourself up to date about the website.

The website may be low in quantity but has all the needed quality and who doesn’t prefer quality over quantity? I know I do!