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Learn more about new myth of Danaides

Learn more about new myth of Danaides

The new myth from Danaides is the tale away from fifty ladies who going an awful wrongdoing: guided from the their father, each of them kill the husbands on the relationships nights! This excellent massacre try amazing, even for the new bloody ancient greek language myths. It absolutely was a crime that one another people and you will gods manage punish. In fact, the newest Danaides were punished for it just after the death with a great horrible and endless torment.

The storyline regarding Danaides begins with the newest rivalry between the dual sons from Belus, brand new king out of Egypt. Belus try considered to be a beneficial descendant away from Io, a great princess from Argos whom lived much of the woman life into the Egypt. Belus got one or two sons, Danaus and you may Aegyptus. Whenever Belus passed away, he bought Danaus queen out of Libya and you can Aegyptus, king off Arabia. The two brothers had normal rivalries more than its kingdoms and where trying to you to obtain the other people’s homes.

Many fascinating fact on the this type of brothers is the progeny. The myth states that guatemala dating app Danaus got fifty girl, referred to as Danaides, away from four more women, while Aegyptus had fifty sons. This new smart Aegyptus wished to get their sons married to the Danaides. To possess Aegyptus, these types of 50 marriages seemed once the an easy approach to have the qualities out of Danaus. Danaus soon knew the program out of his cousin and was not willing to stop his gorgeous daughters to their dirty nephews. Directed of the gods and never planning to result in a battle between the two, the guy decided to render their kingdom in order to their sibling and leave the nation searching for some other lifetime.

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